Four Important Bondsman Facts You Need to Know

There are so many reasons why you might find yourself behind bars but what you shouldn’t do is sit there one minute longer. If you don’t have the full bond, you can always call a bondsman to get you out of jail. But before you make that call, take a look at these fun facts about bonds first.

Fact One: Available 24/7

Arrests occur at all hours of the day and night. Bondsmen are there to answer the call no matter what time this matter occurs. When you’re behind bars and desire that fresh air again, bail bonds aurora co are there to get you back out and on the streets again.

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Fact Two: Most All Charges

Most bondsman offer bonds to individuals who’ve been charged with various types of crimes, whether felony or misdemeanor. Although some bondsman may not be so willing to sign a bond for those who’ve skipped out on bails before, it is otherwise easy if the judge has given you a bond amount.

Fact Three: Cost of a Bond

A bond requires only 10% of the original bond amount placed on the case. This is considerably less than paying the full costs of the bond to the courts. Bonds can sometimes cost well into the thousands of dollars. Do you really have this kind of money to place on a bond?

Fact Four: Bondsman Make Things Simple

It is scary to be behind bars, unsure of what tomorrow holds. But, when a bondsman is there to get you out of jail and to answer your questions, it makes things a little less stressful. You need someone there to help during this critical time; the bondsman is there to lean on in the time of need.